8 of the Coolest Custom Pillows

Custom pillows made an excellent gift for any occasion, allowing you to customize a pillow with photos of your favorite holiday, family portraits, or fun pets, or by simply adding your name to the pillow. But when you are searching through custom pillows it can often seem impossible to find the perfect one. In this article, we do the hard work for you and find 8 of the best custom pillows for you.

1. Simple Hint

Simple Hint is a minimalist but impressive customizable pillow that covers the entire front of the pillow with your favorite image. The Simple Hint custom pillow includes an invisible zipper, and perfectly tailored turn seams, which ensures a crisp finish.

2. Preppy Blocks

The Preppy Blocks is perfect for when you want more than one photo on your customized pillow. The Preppy Blocks has a simple and preppy 3-photo layout, which could allow you to space out your pictures, with a simple message in between the pictures. You can even personalize the words on this custom pillow.

3. Story Time - Beauty and the Beast

The Story Time pillow is perfect for fans of Beauty and the Beast, or even just those who like princesses. This pillow includes a print of a princess, and you can add your name or the name of the recipient to the pillow. Minted has a Disney Collection of custom pillows, so if Beauty and the Beast isn’t to your liking, there may be another one in the collection which is perfect for you.

4. Collage Heart

If you want to include a high number of pictures on your custom pillow, then the Collage Heart could be for you. You can add up to 20 photos, each in a retro polaroid style. This custom pillow could be perfect for including multiple photos from a family photoshoot.

5. Anna’s Frame

If your little one is obsessed with Disney’s film, Frozen, then Anna’s Frame is a sure winner. The simple design allows you to add a name of your choosing in front of the show’s main character, Anna.

6. Delightful Date

The Delightful Date custom pillow makes the perfect gift to mark a special date, such as your wedding day. Either buy it just after your wedding or for your anniversary.

7. Andy’s Toys - Toy Story

This custom pillow is perfect for fans of Toy Story. It includes many of your child’s favorite characters from Toy Story, including Sheriff Woody, Buzz Lightyear, Bo Peep, and many, many more. The pillow is customizable, as it allows you to add a name your child’s name underneath the characters in a range of different fonts.

8. Vintage Floral

Vintage Floral allows you to combine a classic vintage floral pattern, with a customizable photo, which fits in perfectly with the design.

As you can see from the above, there are some really exciting options for custom pillows, which make the perfect gift for little ones and grown ups alike.

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