8 Bedjet Sleep Systems Essential For A Good Night’s Sleep

One of the biggest issues that people deal with when it comes to getting quality sleep, surprisingly, has very little to do with the mattress itself. In reality, for many people, it’s really their internal temperature that is the issue. And while there are many alternatives to cooling or heating the mattress, easily one of the most effective is the sleep system designed by BedJet. Below, we’ve gone over 8 of their top products that all people need if they want their best sleep, regardless of the mattress they already have.

1. Bedjet 3 Climate Comfort Sleep System

Starting with the main machine, the BedJet 3 climate comfort offers you everything you need for a proper sleep. Depending on your ideal temperature, it can blast out warm or cool air directly in your bed while sleeping. What’s more, it does all of this while being silky silent and able to fit under virtually any bed frame.

2. Bedjet 3 Dual Zone

The ideal option for couples or those that often share the bed with an additional person. The Dual Zone option allows you to perfectly improve and alter the running temperature along either side of the bed from two separate systems. This allows one side to sleep warm while the other can sleep cool!

3. Certified Refurbished Special (Like New)

If you’re someone that is interested in the BedJet but don’t have the money for a brand new option, you can get the refurbished alternative. This gets you virtually all the same benefits offered by the original with a price drastically cut. What’s more, while it is a refurbished option, they have been inspected and are pretty much like new, meaning you’re virtually getting a new product at a fraction of the cost.

4. Cloud Sheet Accessory

Made from 100% pure and soft cotton, the BedJet cloud sheet is double layered with interior air flow chambers that make using the BedJet’s sleep system that much easier and effective. Not only that, but the sheets are 5-star hotel quality and feel amazing all on their own.

5. Bedjet Aromatherapy Upgrade Kit

If you’re interested in taking your sleeping experience to the next level, getting the aromatherapy upgradable option is worth considering. Not only does this allow your BedJet system to give you the optimal sleep temperature for you, but it will now also let you sleep to pleasing and calming scents like Tea Tree, Chamomile, or Lavender.

6. Bedjet Flat Hose Accessory

While the standard option works great for a majority of homes, depending on your situation, you may need something a bit thinner and flatter for your bed or bedding situation. This is where the flat hose alterative comes into play. Essentially, its thinner shape takes the standard 3.5-inch hose and cuts it down to a 2.5-inch wide nozzle.

7. Bedjet 3 Air Filter Replacement

Meant for the BedJet 3, this air filter replacement option allows you to make sure your system is continually pumping out clean and filtered air into your bed. This means you don’t have to worry about issues with the system itself or the worry of dust and other particles coming into your bed.

8. Air Hose Extension

Just the same as the flat hose accessory, the air hose extension works to ensure your bedding situation is the most conducive for the BedJet itself. In this case, if you don’t want it directly under your bed or have an annoyingly out of reach power outlet, using the air hose extension can be the perfect option. It offers up to 8 feet of length, meaning you can put the BedJet pretty much anywhere in your room and still get all of the benefits.


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