6 Comfortable Weighted Blankets

Everyone needs a warm, comfortable blanket to keep them sleeping all night peacefully and waking up feeling refreshed and energize

Tree Napper

* Using a weighted cooling blanket is a natural way to help you sleep better and feel calmer. Layers of soft, organic fabric are hand-knitted into cocoonable, couch-worthy perfection, capturing the magic of a joyful embrace.

Velvet Napper

* A weighted velvet blanket improves your sleep and makes you feel more relaxed. Another benefit of this blanket is that it is constructed of environmentally friendly eco-velvet. It’s a weighted blanket made of a glossy, rich eco-velvet that’s extraordinarily soft and cuddly, perfect for snuggling up in style.

Cotton Napper

* This cozy blanket is made of a soft, breathable chunky weave that feels as nice as it looks. Weighted blankets have been demonstrated to enhance deeper sleeping patterns in studies. This blanket may help you fall asleep more entirely and wake up refreshed and rejuvenated since it will keep you comfy while sleeping.


* It’s a cotton-weighted blanket in queen/king size. It is ideal for couples or anyone who wants a blanket covering their entire bed. Soft, breathable, chunky knit layers provide full-bed coverage, keeping you comfortable and relaxed while you cuddle up.

Travel Napper

* It’s a weighted blanket that makes you feel better, relaxes you, and helps you sleep better, regardless of where you are. It’s a travel-friendly organic cotton weighted blanket with all the relaxing benefits for everybody to use on vacation, at the office, or after a yoga session.


* This blanket was designed just for kids to help them relax after a long day of learning and playing. Since it is smaller and cozier, the weighted blanket cuddles your child close.


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