3 Thermostats That Will Change Your Way of Living

1. Ecobee3 Lite

Lightweight and affordable, the ecobee3 Lite lives up to its name while still having all the necessary features. It can be controlled from anywhere through your phone, while the innovative eco+ software automatically adjusts depending on the environment. Ecobee3 can be combined with a SmartSensor to detect changes, learn your routines and recommend the best settings for you.

2. Smart Thermostat Enhanced

This sleek thermostat comes with an attractive design featuring a built-in touchscreen and innovative radar technology. It can detect when you’re sleeping or when the house is empty in order to modify the temperature accordingly. The device takes humidity into account in order to provide an optimal experience. For additional savings, it will heat/cool the house when energy costs are lower.

3. Smart Thermostat Premium

A security system, air quality meter, and a thermostat all in one, this powerful appliance does all the work for you. Integrated support for smart home systems such as Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant allows for easy control. It can detect intruders, fire, poor air quality, and even play music if you wish so. With up to 26% savings on energy costs, it’s as efficient as they come.


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