Indoor Plants Perfect For The Small-Space Gardener

The living room may look like a dark, sterile place with little to no life or color. But it doesn’t have to be that way! Whether you want to brighten up your living space with a colorful plant, keep your indoor plants healthy and happy, or add some character and depth to the room while filtering out toxins, having an indoor plant can help.

With many great plants around now specifically designed for smaller spaces-no pun intended-you know you’re in good hands. Here are my top picks of indoor plants perfect for your small space:

1.Chinese Evergreen

Often regarded as the holy grail of indoor plants, Chinese Evergreen is a workhorse that can withstand low light, dry air and it’s even one of the best indoor plants for absorbing airborne toxins. While occasional pruning is necessary to maintain its neat shape, it’s otherwise easy to take care of. Just make sure it has well-drained soil, so you don’t end up with root rot like I did (oops!).

2. Spider Plant

In addition to being one of the most popular houseplants, Spider Plant is also one of the best indoor plants for filtering out airborne toxins and is resistant to root rot. This low-maintenance perennial is easier to maintain than other indoor plants and grows faster than others. It’s also a great option for beginners looking for a healthy plant that grows fast and won’t be too much trouble.

3. ZZ Plant

ZZ Plant is a beautiful, ornamental accent plant with dark green, glossy leaves that look like little pieces of art in your home. While it loves the sun, it can do well in low light conditions and will thrive as an indoor plant even if you forget to water it (I admit I’ve done this one time or twice). It’s also one of the best indoor plants for cleaning the air that you can keep near your desk.

4. Snake Plant

Snake Plant is one of the most popular indoor plants for improving air quality and is easy to grow. It’s also one of the best indoor plants that absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen at night when you need it the most (and will be asleep).


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