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10 Unique Cards For Special Occasions

Cards often have their place as an integral part of sharing unique moments and celebrations. They can be used as invitations to events, thank you gifts, announcements, and more. They can be used for many different types of occasions, from weddings to births, holidays, and parties. Here, we’ll share with you ten types of cards that you can find for your special occasion on

1) Save The Dates

Save the Date cards can be a great reminder to those who are invited to join in the celebrations of a couple’s wedding. They include important details of the event, such as the date, time, and venue it’s being held at. They can serve to help those they are sent to make their preparations for the upcoming wedding, like booking time off work and making arrangements for a wedding gift.

Mpix offers a variety of save the date cards that come in different shapes and sizes, and have different styles and features. Some include Soothing Cloud, Forever Entwined, and Beloved Union Date.

2) Wedding Invites

While save the dates offer most of the same details as wedding invitations, a wedding invitation is more of a formal invitation to the occasion.

Some of the ones you can choose from include the Amazing Love Invite, Delicate Love Invite, and Elegant Script Invite.

3) Bridal Shower Invites

Bridal shower invites are sent to female guests to attend an event for the bride in preparation for the wedding. This event is to honor the bride, and guests bestow gifts and join in activities as they all get together to celebrate the bride-to-be.

Here, you can go for the Citrus Wreath Shower, Plant Lady, Bee, and Clover Shower card, or more.

4) Wedding Thank You Cards

Saying thank you to your guests for attending the special day of your wedding is a nice gesture that’s always welcomed.

Bride to be Thanks, Flowing Thanks, and Thankful Love are all examples of great styles of cards to use here.

5) Birth Announcements

Send your birth announcement card to your loved ones and friends to celebrate the birth of your new child.

Noah’s Ark, Simple Name, or Tony But Mighty are all options available at the Mpix site.

6) Baby Shower Invites

The baby shower is a great occasion to celebrate your baby’s birth. Guests bring gifts and celebrate by welcoming the new addition to your family.

Why not offer them to celebrate with the Snowy Summit, Citrus Brunch, or Artful Rainbow card?

7) Christmas Cards

Say Happy Christmas to all of your friends and family and bring cheer to the festivities by out your Christmas card.

Perhaps you’d like to add a selection here with cards using your own custom-made designs and others available from the range at Mpix.

8) Holiday Party Invites

E-vites are becoming more popular when it comes to holiday invites. But don’t you think cards the traditional way are much more meaningful?

Make it more real with one of Mpix’s cards. Choose your invites from the Dazzling Wreath, Elegant Wreath, Grand Party Invite, and all of the others available from the site.

9) New Year's Cards

Celebrate the new year and send out your greeting with curated cards or an invite to a party you’re holding.

New Year Swoop, Adventurous Year, and Rising Joy are all great to use here.

10) Holiday Cards

Create a custom-made holiday card using a family photo, or choose from the different designs available at

Looping Joyfulness, Climbing Joy, and Wintry Season are some of the most popular ones to choose from.


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