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10 Children’s & Nursery Wall Murals That Will Beautify Your Room

A room will be more beautiful and attractive and not boring if the walls are not plain. One of the ways to make interesting walls is with wall murals from Minted. Mural panels that are easy to install yourself and easy to remove without damaging the walls. The following are recommendations for wall murals for children and for nursery rooms.

1. Wonder Wall

The first choice of the mural with the title ‘Wonder Wall’, with an abstract theme drawn by children in various interesting shapes and colors.

This mural will work well on smooth wall surfaces with gloss and satin paint.

2. City State of Mind

The second choice fell on the ‘City State of Mind’. As the title implies, this mural is like being drawn by children about the state of a busy city with tall buildings and streets filled with cars, full color with pictures of children.

3. Giraffes on Holiday

For the third option, we will choose an animal theme, namely ‘Giraffes on Holiday’. Image of two cute yellow giraffes on a forest background, drawn in an interesting and cheerful way. This mural is printed on premium matte woven fabric.

4. Little Big World Map

Number four fell on the design entitled ‘Little Big World Map’. Silhouette of the world map in dark blue accompanied by many silhouettes of animals and iconic buildings of each country. With this mural, you can introduce the world map to children.

5. American Football Vocab

The next option is the ‘American Football Vocab’, football-themed will be suitable for boys who love this sport. Premium panels, are matte and easy to remove without damaging the walls.

6. To The Stars

Number six is ‘To The Stars’ with lots of hot air balloons. One big hot air balloon as well as several small hot air balloons with a variety of nice patterns and colors. Apart from being tear-resistant, these panels are printed on premium materials.

7. Hello Cocky

‘Hello Cocky’ is a mural with a large white bird almost covering the wall with a cute yellow crest. The walls of your child’s room will be beautiful and more attractive.

8. Amaryllis

The eighth choice is ‘Amaryllis’. With a calming blue background and a large white floral pattern. The room will feel fresh and comfortable.

9. Folk Whales

Next is the ‘Folk Whales’, a picture of some cute whales, with the whale’s body covered in a flower painting. beautiful children’s drawings.

10. Seafront

The tenth recommendation is ‘Seafront’. A mural with a blue sea painting can give a calming effect to the room.


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