3 Type Of Accessories That Fit Perfectly For Your Home

There are many types of accessories that you can fit at your home. There are some that fit just perfectly that you will love it. Today we will list 3 of that accessories.

1) Smart Sensor 2 Pack

Manage the hot and cold spots and keep them, comfortable

* Can detect temperature and occupancy
* Comes with freeze detection and can install in seconds
* Comes with follow me and smart home and away feature
* Comes with an alert if the temperature drops

2) Smart Sensor For Windows And Doors 2 Pack

Your home is secured with this sensor made for the windows and doors

* Get notified in case of entry or motion
* Very quick setup
* Automatically notify you if any door or window is open for more than 5 minutes

3) Motion And Occupancy Solution

This motion detection tool and temperature control comes with 4 additional sensor

* Can be controlled from anywhere
* Get alerts on your phone when any unusual activity detected
* Auto arm and disarm


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