Tips You Should Know About Beast Blender


Beast blender is a perfect blend of all the ingredients you need for one of the best protein shakes – with just 5 minutes in your kitchen. All you’ll need is this blender, some ice, a bottle of water and 5-10 minutes to make the drink. The following is a guide to help you quickly make yourself the perfect Beast Blender protein shake. This is only a guide so you can use this recipe as a base to experiment with your blends.

And remember, this recipe works well as a meal replacement too.

How to make the basic blender.

1. Take out your blender or shaker.

2. Pour your water into the blender and add ice cubes.

3. Add all the ingredients to the blender: Protein powder, almond milk, fruit juice, peanut butter (if you’re vegan), any extras you want to try (spirulina and chia seeds are both good additions).

You can add any extras to your blender to make the drink taste like you want it to. Make sure they’re not too large, or else they will get stuck in the blender.

If you want more natural ingredients, simply squeeze them. Or you can use a cheese cloth and wet it with water so that it becomes more sticky.

4. Blend everything well for 5-10 minutes until you have a smooth consistency and your protein is completely dissolved into the shake.

A tip: it’s very important not to add anything to the blender that might make it splotch up. This can be tricky when using a blender, so just add the ingredients together in the blender and blend them until smooth.


It’s important to note that a blender is a useful kitchen appliance to have around if you want to make quick and easy smoothies. It is also essential for the Beast Blender recipe so it’s an item you’ll be using all the time. When buying a blender, make sure it’s powerful enough for the job and will last you a long time. With this in mind we recommend that you buy an expensive blender as they tend to be stronger and more reliable than cheap ones.


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