Fall Kitchen Accessories

The leaves are starting to change colors and we’re getting closer and closer to the holidays. If you’re tired of same-old fall decorations, it’s time for a little kitchen refresh too! Here are some new (and not so new) purchases that will make the season a little cozier without breaking the bank.

1. The Lazy Susan is perfect for Thanksgiving dinner when company’s coming over. Or in the case of one of my coworkers, for serving tortilla chips. I personally like mine on the side of my work area so I can reach everything easily.

2. These basket storage containers look super cute on the side of my table. I especially like them on this little cart from Pottery Barn!

3. This is a little something that I picked up on sale this month. It’s a cute little sign that says, “I like cookies. What’s your super power?” It’s not super useful but I just thought it was cute and I’ve been trying to bring more fun into the kitchen!

4. Another fall favorite are these tiny pecan pies from Trader Joe’s. They are so cute and I’m obsessed with the packaging.

5. This thing is kind of weird but it’s pretty cool. It’s a rice cooker and it serves as a humidifier too. I know, I know, how has this not been invented yet?!? Yeah, well, that has to do with the fact that it was released in 2012! Unfortunately, there are no plans to release this in stores for another year (probably until January of 2013). And I know it’s kind of pricey at $150, but if you’re interested in it, I found it on Amazon for $124!

The Lazy Susan is a classic. You’re probably going to have one in your kitchen and never think twice about it. But, it has a great place on that side table in your dining room so everyone can see all the goods! The basket storage containers are new for me, but I love them! They give my kitchen a bit of whimsy and make me smile every time I use them.


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