Creative Ways To Grow A Garden

This article will highlight a few different ways to grow your own garden all year round, using methods that are quick and easy.

Start small

If you’re a new gardener, or live in a confined space, start small and easy. A few potted plants with large containers can work wonders if you’ve only got space for one or two.


Spring is not the only time to plant a garden! Many perennial plants are safe to plant in the colder months and will thrive when the weather warms up again. Larger plants like fruit trees are recommended for this method because of how long it will take for them to bear fruit.

Planning is key

Many people think that the easiest way to grow their own food is to simply throw a few seeds in the ground and wait for them to come up. While this may work in theory, it usually won’t in practice. For example, if you plant radishes, they will have already started growing by the time it’s warm enough for you to sow some tomatoes. There are many flexible planting methods out there, but you’re likely going to have to do some trial and error with your own garden.


Be sure to choose a space for your garden that will get the most sunlight possible. Certain vegetables need a lot of sunlight to thrive so don’t make the mistake of planting them in a shady area! Also, make sure that you plant your crops on raised beds if you’re going to grow food which requires a lot of space, such as corn.

Make sure the bed is level and the soil is properly prepared before planting. Adding compost to your beds will help them retain moisture and feed plants once they’re established.

Time and attention

Growing your own food doesn’t take much time at all, but it does require you to be diligent in your care of your garden. Water plants regularly, remove weeds as they appear, pull up any dead foliage, and make sure that plants are spaced out properly so that they have room to grow.


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