3 Comfortable Knot Pillows For A Good Sleep

Knot pillows are very famous nowadays with their soft and comfortable fabric. Today we will list 3 comfortable knot pillows for a good sleep.

1) Hugget - small

Release your stress with this comfortable and small knot pillow

* Comes in 5 colors
* The height is 4 inches and the weight is 1/2 lb
* Works like a stress ball and massage reflex zones

2) Hugget - Medium

Perfect for a good hug on the sofa or bed, a comfortable need after your work

* Hand crafted from melofoam
* delivers therapeutic sensory and stress relieve
* It is Oeko-Tex 100 certified
* The height is 8 inches and the weight is 1 lb

3) Hugget - large

Can be used as a lap pad or sleeper cushion and can even be sued on the couch for extra comfort

* Made with FairTrade International certified material
* Can be cleaned with a soft cloth and water
* The height is 11 inches and the weight is 3 lb


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