Reasons You Should Grow Hydrangeas

Hydrangeas are a popular choice for gardens and landscapes. There are many reasons to grow these beautiful flowering shrubs. Here are some of the top reasons should grow hydrangeas in your garden.

1. Add Visual Interest

With their large, showy flowers, hydrangeas are sure to add visual interest to your garden. Choose a variety that blooms in shades of pink, blue, or white to create a color scheme that will dazzle.

2. Attract Bees and butterflies

Bees and butterflies are drawn to the nectar-rich flowers of hydrangeas. These pollinators are necessary for gardens and landscapes, as they help to pollinate other plants.

3. Easy to Care For

Hydrangeas are relatively easy to care for. They prefer well-drained soil and full sun to partial shade. Once they are established, they are drought tolerant and require little maintenance.

4. Versatile Plants

Hydrangeas can be used in a variety of ways in the garden. They can be planted as hedges, groundcovers, or specimen plants.

5. Long Bloom Time

Hydrangeas have a long bloom time, lasting from late spring to early fall. This extended bloom period means you can enjoy their beauty for months on end.

6. Perfect Cut Flowers

Hydrangeas make beautiful cut flowers. They can be used in bouquets, arrangements, and other floral designs.

7. Deer Resistant

Deer tend to avoid hydrangeas, making them a good choice for gardeners who live in areas where deer are prevalent.

8. Hardy Plants

Hydrangeas are hardy plants that can withstand cold temperatures. They are an excellent choice for gardeners in colder climates.

9. Great for Containers

Hydrangeas can also be grown in containers. This is a good option for gardeners with limited space.

10. Affordable Plants

Hydrangeas are relatively affordable plants. You can find them for sale at many nurseries and garden centers.

There are many reasons to grow hydrangeas in your garden. These versatile plants add beauty, color, and interest to any landscape. They are also easy to care for and are deer resistant. So if you are looking for a flowering shrub to add to your garden, be sure to consider hydrangeas.

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