Christmas Decorating In The Kitchen

The time has come to spruce up the kitchen for the holidays! You’ll be spending lots of time in here during Christmas, so it’s worth making an effort with a bit of festive decorating.

In this post, we’ll give you all sorts of tips on how to get into the Christmas spirit (and some inspiring ideas), as well as what you might need too.

First, some things that you might need in your kitchen if you’re decorating.

This is a list of “stuff” that you might find useful in the kitchen. Nothing hugely glamorous or expensive, but it will all make your life easier and less messy, and will help to make it all go a bit faster and better:

1. A cardboard box. You are going to need somewhere to put all your decorations when Christmas is over. You might not have an old chest of drawers lying around that you can use, but if you do, even better! If not, a cardboard box will suffice. Be sure to lay some paper down first if it is a “new” box.

2. Tape and a pen (or pencil). You’ll need something to mark where you want things on the wall and some tape (or blue tak preferably) for sticking things up with.

3. A knife. You aren’t going to be able to eat or drink anything in your kitchen while it is being decorated, but you will need a knife for cutting up string, boxes or tape.

4. A ladder! Make sure you have somewhere you can safely rest a ladder so that you don’t hurt yourself (or worse someone else). Also, make sure that the ladder is stable because it will be in use for a long time!

5. A tablecloth. You may think your kitchen table is big enough for a big Christmas dinner, but trust me, you don’t have those kinds of plans! So make sure you have an extra tablecloth or two so you can put plates and cutlery on. You should also use a cloth to cover your worktop as well so that it doesn’t get dirty.

What’s all this stuff for? Well, to help you get into the Christmas spirit, I guess!

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