Best Laylasleep Bed Frames

1. Layla Mattress Foundation

This mattress foundation is perfect for your bedroom. The frame is beautify and cozy to give your bedroom a flattering look. The frame is constructed with solid wood that give it extra strength, solid support and excellent airflow. It comes with a perfectly designed fabric to add a positive vibe to your bedroom.

2. Layla Metal Platform Base

This foldable metal platform bed bases is all need to make your bedroom cozy, chic and elegant. The frame is constructed using tubular steel for super strength and durability. The frame is simple to assemble and clean. It also comes with ample under bed storage space.

3. Layla Platform Bed

This platform is designed to make your bedroom cozy and chic. It comes custom fabric designed to perfectly match with your bedroom d├ęcor. The frame is built with solid slats to give your bed firm support. Layla platform bed is designed to support all your lifetime activities.

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