8 Best Traeger Pellet Grill To Cook Your Food

A Pellet grill is an outdoor cooking tool that is used to cook food using a wood pellet. This kind of grill has been used since the early 1970s. This become even more famous after Joe Traeger introduced the Traeger pellet grill in 1985. There are many types of pellet grills on the market and each comes with its own goodness and feature. Today we will list the 8 best Traeger pellet grills to cook your food

1) Timberline

Going for a slow cooker or for multiple courses of the meal, this is the perfect pellet grill for you

* Comes with smart combustion technology
* Comes with a dual wall construction that is fully insulated
* Comes with a Traeger induction cooktop

2) Timberline 1300

Comes with 3 tiers of stainless steel grates to allow you to cook more food in a shorter time

* Comes WIFIRE technology
* Comes with a D2 grill controller and pellet sensor
* Comes with super smoke mode

3) Timberline 850

No matter what weather is on, the temperature in this pellet grill will be the same due to its fully insulated construction

* Comes with a bamboo cutting board
* Comes with stainless steel front shelf
* Comes with Traeger downdraft

4) Ironwood 885

Comes with tons of additional features to take your cooking to the next level

* Comes included with a meat probe
* Comes with porcelain-coated grill grates
* Comes with an all-terrain wheel

5) Pro 575

You can monitor and control the grill from anywhere using the Traeger app

* Comes with locking caster wheels
* Comes with a controller that is easy to use.
* Comes with turbo hemp

6) Pro 34

Cook a delicious food from the grill with the real hardwood pellet flavor

* Gets consistent results every time
* Comes with a digital pro controller
* Comes with a durable powder-coated finish

7) Ranger

This small Traeger pellet grill can be used in your backyard or even in your truck all the time

* Comes with keep warm mode
* Comes with a digital arc controller
* Comes with griddle and latched lid

8) Tailgater

This portable and compact pellet grill is ideal to take anywhere or even use on your balcony

* Comes with a meat probe
* Comes with a portable solution
* Comes with digital arc controller

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