6 Essential Bedroom Furniture

It’s time to turn your bedroom into a relaxing and family-friendly space with these bedroom furniture sets.

Headboard Add-on

* The headboard fits into your bed frame perfectly and can be removed anytime. You’ll be studying in bed in seconds with the addition of two steel brackets and a headboard panel. It is a must-have for any bedroom.

The Mattress

* The Mattress was created with memory foam and coil hybrid to provide firm support and contoured comfort. It’s a mattress just right in height, won’t slide about on a platform, is supportive, and made to last. A bed has been deliberately created to be the ideal fit for someone looking for a good night’s sleep.

The Bed Frame

* I is the first time modularity has looked so good. The Bed Frame is made to grow with you in terms of size and function. Whenever you choose, turn a queen into a king or complete the design with under-bed storage.

The Side Table

* The Side Table is highly adaptable and well-designed. Use a bedside table, a couch table, or a plant stand, or put a few together for further versatility. The ideal height for use with a bed frame or on a sofa.

Underbed Storage

* It is a well-thought-out under-bed storage solution that works with any F Bed Frame size. It’s excellent for storing late-night reading materials, new top sheets, or all of your mismatched socks, and it’s made of a sturdy canvas that can handle up to 80 lb.

Bed Frame Expansion Kit

* Everything you’ll need to adjust the size of your present Bed Frame is included. It can be installed in minutes with only a few parts and no tools. Each expansion kit adds one mattress size to your Bed Frame.


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