12 Gas Grills That Are Perfect For The 4th Of July

Summer is in full swing and the 4th of July is just around the corner. If you’re like most people and have had to experience your past two Memorial Days indoors and away from friends and family, making this year’s event a significant one is exactly what’s on the menu. Below, we’ve found over 12 of the best gas grills you can expect to play with this 4th of July thanks to the folks over at BBQGuys Check them out and find the right grill for you.

1. Weber New Genesis E-325s

An impressive propane gas grill that does just about everything you need it to, this grill sears multiple steaks at the same time while also offering an extra-large sear zone. The grill also has a secondary grilling surface with an expandable top cooking grate so you can get everything toasted at the same time.

2. Blaze Prelude Lbm 32-inch 4-burner

Noted as a top-tier grill not just for its impressive cooking power, but its equally impressive warranty, the Blaze Prelude makes a point of showing that it’s a grill worth your time and money. In addition to a 3-year multi-user commercial warranty, it also has a lifetime residential warranty, meaning you can use it at home or at your restaurant with confidence in the product.

3. Blackstone Original 36-inch Griddle

Using four burners with over 60,000 BTUs across a 769 square inch surface, you can cook pretty much anything and everything you want all at one time.

4. Blaze Premium Lte 32-inch 4-burner

A super affordable grill that uses patented triangle-shaped searing rods to create some of the most impressive sear marks on your foods while its “Heat Zone Separators” work to give you an improved level of cooking versatility.

5. Napoleon Prestige 500 Natural Gas Grill

Complete with rear infrared rotisserie burners alongside four stainless steel burners, the Napoleon Prestige does everything right and will virtually always give you steakhouse-level steaks.

6. Victory 3-burner Propane Gas Grill

Complete with a lifetime warranty, the Victory 3-Burner comes with triple ridge flame tamers that evenly distribute the heat across the entire steak. Meanwhile, its infrared side-burners allow you to cook at high heat without the worry of charring your food.


If you’re someone interested in performance, style, and versatility, you’ll love the Fire Magic Aurora. This offers many of the same features as the Echelon series while also gifting diamond sear cooking grids as well as stainless steel burners that are both heavy as well as durable.

8. Coyote Centaur 50-inch

A super convenient gas grill that makes sure to offer a charcoal grill flavor to all of your foods. The grill has two high-performance “Coyote burners” that can pump out over 40,000 BTUs of impressive cooking power, making them a great fit for just about any barbeque.

9. Weber Summit E-470

Complete with four stainless steel burners with nearly 50,000 BTUs of cooking intensity, the Weber Summit E-470 is backed by a 10-year warranty and comes with heavy 9mm stainless steel cooking rods and flavorizer bars for durability and even searing.

10. Blackstone On-the-go 22-inch Cart Griddle

A portable option that is perfect for camping trips or tailgate parties. Though not the most powerful, this griddle offers over 24,000 BTUs of power over a 362 square-inch surface, letting you cook pretty much an entire meal all at once.

11. Weber Summit S-670

A superior option to the E-470, the S-670 comes with six stainless steel burners as well as is powered by over 60,000 BTUs of burner flames. Simply put, if you liked what the E-470 has to offer, you’ll certainly love the S-670.

12. Blaze Professional Lux

Complete with a lifetime warranty, the Blaze Professional LUX does pretty much everything a grill is supposed to do. Complete with heat zone separators and 12mm hexagon-shaped searing rods. This means that you can essentially cook several different types of foods all at the same time even at multiple different temperatures. Basically, you become a professional chef using this grill.


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